Re: Problems with NVDA and latest Windows 10 1803

Jacob Kruger

Steve, this sounds almost like an iteration of what I was mentioning - it seems to fluctuate/vary quite a bit on/off on my one windows 10 1803 machine, which is a lenovo laptop, whereas on my slightly lower hardware specification desktop machine, that does however have a solid state operating system drive in it, it actually seems to react a bit more consistently, in terms of reading out list items, like in file explorer, to me, and, this is with both of them running windows 10 1803 pro 64 bit, and, currently both running NVDA master snapshot.

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On 5/16/2018 10:03 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:



I recently reported that Outlook message lists were not reading for me.


It is in fact worse than that, lists in general don’t seem to be reading.  For example, File Explorer in Windows 10 is completely silent for me now.


JAWS is reading lists quite happily.


Any thoughts?




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