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Dan Beaver

My experience is that it isn't very accessible.  If info is shared NVDA(and I suspect other screen readers) can't read it.  I found it very difficult to find the mute button for manipulating the microphone.  I also found it very hard to find the button for sharing the camera so it was kind of hit and miss whether my camera view was shared with others or not.

Most of what I did my wife was also there and she ended up using the controls because it was so difficult otherwise.  I know this won't help in a business environment but I give it just as an explanation.

I pray for your success in using it.  Maybe they have improved it since I used it last.

Dan Beaver

On 5/16/2018 8:45 AM, Walker, Michael E wrote:



What is the most optimal configuration for getting the most out of WebEx with NVDA? I am in a business environment, where we have to use WebEx, for our meetings. I am also faced with another dilemma that just came up, with regards to WebEx. Starting this week, when joining some meetings, I have been randomly asked for a CAPTCHA, that does not present an audio challenge. In 2018, what is the best way to overcome these issues? I am on Windows 10, with NVDA 2018.1.1.


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