Re: NVDA with a vpn

Antony Stone

A VPN is neither here nor there - if you're using NVDA Remote to control
another machine, however you manage to connect to it, you need NVDA on both.

You need NVDA at your end to be able to do anything at all, and you need NVDA
at the other end so you have something to control.

Whether you connect direct or via a VPN makes no difference.

Of course, I'm assuming here that you want to use NVDA Remote to control
another computer. If that's not the case, please explain what you do want to
do and someone may be able to comment more helpfully.



On Thursday 17 May 2018 at 13:23:12, Ann Byrne wrote:

Using NVDA with a vpn, do I need NVDA on the target computer as well
as the host???

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