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Particularly if talking about insider builds, rather than use 1803, if you specify that you are on build 17666 or 17672 and / or mention that you are on an insider build, it makes it clear.  There was an issue with build 17666 for many users which prevented upgrading NVDA - see my note in In-Process this week: - some people found that changing one thing or another (such as logging level) seemed to fix it for some reason, and for others it didn't make a difference.  I was one who couldn't upgrade my NVDA Next.  Yesterday I updated to 17672, and so the first thing I tried was upgrading NVDA.  Even though the release notes for 17672 didn't say anything about fixing this particular issue, the install went fine for me.  I have no idea if it is actually fixed, or just one of those things where changing one thing has caused it to work.  I'd be interested to hear others experiences with 17672 as well.

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I skipped go here. I rolled back to regular 1803. I was on the Windows Insiders program. I was able to run the upgrade this morning fine. Now, there are other issues which have nothing to do with this, and I'll hunt them down as I go.

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Can you create a portable version from a download of the most recent version?
If yes then try running that and making an installed copy from it. As I recall it then asks if you want to keep existing settings etc. If that fails then something is very wrong. I've seen locked files cause this looking at the log. Although its supposedly been fixed, the new system  saves files to a different directory and renames the old ones in use and tries to delete these. Sometimes it just gets stuck.
In the end, manually removing  old files in the nvda folders seems to fix the problem for while at least. I see this on windows 7.
There are usually two folders  one for 64 bit and one for 32 bit back ends that cause it. Try deleting the stuff with the oldest  name. If as I suspect it says files in use, then the only way I found to get them out of the way is to reboot windows, go to a portable version. Clean out the clutter, and then try to reinstall.
Unfortunately I had thought it was only myself who had this issue. An associate issue is that the same can occur with the log file when it tries to restart nvda. There is an invisible error which comes up after the running copy terminates but before the new one starts saying that the log file cannot be written to. It is of course being renamed at this point so its obvious this fails and without anyway to log stuff, nvda just stops there.
The way out is esc, then a reboot of nvda from the shortcut.

If its any other cause of course it is unknown to me, but logically its easy to imagine that files get out of sync and cause troubles. I had a similar issue with another piece of software the other day, and fixed it by a reboot, clean out manually then a reinstall and a manual copy of the parameters file.


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Hello. First, I"m running Windows 10, version 1803. When I attempt to update to latest snapshots of Next, it isn't always sure I will be able to upgrade. It can sit there for minutes and nothing happens. It beeps continuously. I eventually terminate the process.

For some reason, unbenounced to me,. I can sometimes get it to install if I change the logging level. This doesn't always work reliably either. How can I troubleshoot this one and get ability to reliably install updates again? This has been going on for a few weeks now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do.

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