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Data: quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016 03:01
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Using shift and down arrow means that NVDA can only see selected text at
least as you have it configured.

Is there an NVDA command to read selected text? If there is, I don't know
it. I'm not talking about the command to read text on the clipboard.


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The other night I downloaded David's tutorial about the mail app with jaws.

It got me interested in how nvda now works with the mail app.

So I tried it.

It works pretty well, just a few issues I noticed so far that I thought I
should let people know about.

When reading a message, you must use shift and the down and up arrow keys to
read the message, it works but it isn't really practical as you could guess.

Also, I noticed you can not read the message back to yourself while
composing before you send it off.

Actually you can use the shift and arrows just like when you are reading a

Also, I still need to figure out how to read the messages in order because
it appears the oldest one is at the top. Or is that the way it should work
so as to read them in proper order. i.e as they were sent out?

nd if I discover anything else, I will let you all know.


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