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Yes indeed, I thought it might be classic shell. I also get a similar issue when explorer is invoked to to save or open a file inside an application in both windows 10 and 7 sometimes as well. Its as if its permanently lost focus, anas switching away seems to show nvda is still working fine on other open windows. Even setting explorer so it can open multiple windows works but not in the one that has died.
Very strange and because its intermittent not easy to troubleshoot in the log as it appears there is nothing in the log about it.
Its a bit of a muddled mess in win ten though as that audio ducking logging is splattered all over the place making it hard to follow. I see Jamie has created a new snap that allows this logging to be turned off, so I may wait till I get that and look again when I have time at the weekend.Until then its a bitof astrange one.

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Subject: [nvda] An issue with the Windows Explorer of Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I am posting this message to ask you about an issue of windows 10, in
windows explorer, when using NVDA.

While NVDA works fast enough with Windows Explorer on windows 10, I am
facing a strange issue when deleting or renaming files. In precise, when I
delete/rename a file, NVDA will no longer speak the items on the folder.
Sometimes this problem does not occur, but most of the time it does.
Restarting NVDA fixes the issue, but if you delete another file, the issue
will persist as many times as you do it.

Is anyone else facing this problem? And if you are, is there anything I can
do to fix it? Or, should I file an issue to NVDA on Git Hob and see if the
developers will do anything?



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