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I think the problem is that there are believe it or not many people asking me the question, I want a cloud storage that works on xp.
From my recent tests on a Pentium 3 machine running it all either fall over with an error oon install or claim they do not support it.
Google drive was working fine until just a few days ago in the pre back up and sync version but they have disabled it now. I'm guessing its security related not anything else.
Pity, as old XP machines do have usage left in them and it seems annoying to consign them to the great bin of progress for what are basically spurious reasons of no software support.

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In my experience, GDrive is more accessible compared to Dropbox, especially the web interface. I use OneDrive as well, but not that often. They all have issues from time to time, far from being perfect, we do agree on that point.

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