Re: Slightly OT - tiling windows under windows 10, to allow drag and drop using NVDA, with the mouse cursor

Patrick Le Baudour

If I remember correctly, windows+left/right and windows+up/down shortcuts should allow that.

-- Patrick.

Le 10/05/2016 à 20:26, Jacob Kruger a écrit :
If remember correctly, in things like windows 7 task manager, you could
easily enough tell it to tile two windows side by side, etc. to then
allow you to use forms of drag and drop from window to window, using a
screen reader implementation of the mouse cursor.

However, in windows 10, the new version of the task manager doesn't seem
to offer that too easily, so was just wondering if anyone knows of/can
think of a relatively simple way to have two windows open, and to get
them to line themselves up tiled either horizontally across, or
vertically up and down on the screen, to then use the key combo of shift
+ numpad / to lock left mouse button on selected items, and then move
over to target area/element in other window, route mouse cursor to
navigator object using NVDA + numpad /, and then use the same keystroke
as earlier to finish off the drag and drop operation?

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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