Re: open live writer is not accessible yet.


Robert, first, I commend your efforts in terms of trying to make Open
Live Writer accessible, just because I commend accessibility efforts
in general. Might I be forgiven, however, for asking why you or anyone
else for that matter would want a big clunky piece of desktop software
when there's a simple solution called Markdown? Markdown is a way to
format text & turn it into html markup language. Examples include:
# (number signs) for each heading level of text, ie,
## this is a 2nd level heading ##
### this is a 3rd level heading

The closing # signs are optional.

Asterisks for bulleted lists, ie,
* 1st list item;
* 2nd list item
Numbers for numbered list items, ie,
1) number 1
2) number 2

Bold text looks like *bold* or **bold** for greater emphasis. Under
lined text is _underlined_, ie, surrounded by the underscore.

That's just a small sampling, but a quick google for markdown tutorial
will give you a slew of results that could keep you reading for far
longer than either you would have time for or that would be necessary.
It's pretty easy.

There are plugins, for example, in WordPress, that allow markdown
formatting. It can also be enabled in Drupal's CK Editor. A simple
text editor called Write Monkey, available from
supports exports of its documents to various flavors of Markdown. But
any text editor can create the Markdown formatted document. You don't
even have to have an internet connection.

My comments are not meant to be disrespectful. Quite the contrary, in
fact. I've fought w/my share of software in my day, & I'm happy to do
so & even make screenreader access solutions for it if I must. But
what I've learned is that if you don't have to do it, don't. &
w/Markdown, the truth is you just don't have to fight w/all the
toolbars & selecting text, making certain you've got it all selected,
etc, which can be a real pain across multiple lines. If this isn't
something you've heard of before, you might wish to take the time to
have a look. The learning time is wel under an hour, unless your
document contains complex formatting, but even w/footnotes, endnotes,
links, etc, it's still not that difficult.

It might just be something you'd find worthwhile in your writing toolbox.

On 5/19/18, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:
hey guys, this windows desktop client looks like it is gonna be a great
blog editor and overall blogging software. Only problem is, the editor
is not accessible to NVDA and I am assuming JAWS. the menus and options
are accessible, but the editor itself is made out of some kind of HTML
frame. NVDA treats it like a web page rather than a text editor. The
accessibility thread is below but it is basically me trying to get
others to understand how a screen reader works and why they should make
open live writer accessible.

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