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There is i drive though I haven

't tried it.

There is also expanddrive which costs but is supposed to interface with the cloud and you can store and download readily without actually storing on your system.

Your cloud drives are network drives thats costing 75 bucks though still its a thought.

As for google.

Yeah it crashes a lot and has that stupid window popping up.

Worse when I updated my dad's system after a fresh install, and after an unsuccessfull login attempt it decided that I was a hacker, that my system was suspect and then windows refused to do anything at all.

Eventually after changing passwords, and then logging in on a brouser on a different system I was able to fix that, followed by another reformat to get windows to work again, then it worked.

But it certainly is flakey as hell.

I was able to set where things went and its interface was accessible but to be honest, its no longer something I'd use.

I am tempted by 1 drive.

The only reason I am tempted is if I ever get an office 365 sub, its not happening any time soon but the sub, the skype minutes, and the space does interest me a deal.

I drive does interest me but it doesn't support expandrive and I have yet to decide if I will buy that for myself.

I don'

't put to much stuff to the cloud, some backups of programs I can't get right now, a few projects but not many now days, some backups of password protected files favorites, and personal junk, and well a few other odds and ends, most stuff is still on external disk though.

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No sign of it. However using ninite or whatever certainly it installed, but no matter what I tried it crashed on launch, and left itself in a bit of a mess. the log in does not work, ie the fields are not  shown, but they do say log in using your browser, and  you do this and it looks like its looked but  no way to get the actual drive to work. it crashed  on a computer restart. its just as crappy on 7 as it was when back up and sync first appeared. if this is the standard of testing that goes on at Google towers, tough, I wasted far too much time on it. It should just work.Add to that it won't even install on xp without a cryptic error about a missing kernel call or somesuch.
So I'm on the look out for a back up cloud solution, I have dropbox but I'd like some kind of  or file solution that is not restricted to 64 bit computers or  has windows 7 as the lowest windows.
Still lots of computers out there running xp.
I do think that when people design software they should actually not be so unhelpful as to  just fall over and  leave computers in a mess. I spent an age removing all the clutter of Googles antics yesterday afternoon.
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On the drive page, after hitting the download, you have to search the page for the accept link. I ran into this issue as well.

Greg Wocher

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I did that and nothing actually happened which is why I mentioned it here. Not sure that the other site will be up to date. Does it still just download the stub?
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Alternatively, you can go to, press space on Settings, and enter on Download Backup and Sync.

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