Re: Using NVDA with a Twitter Account

Giles Turnbull

I use the menu in TWBlue more than shortcut keys, but to follow or unfollow people mentioned in a tweet or from the searches, then I go to the user menu (ALT+u) which takes me straight away to the actions item, which is where you follow or unfollow people. If more than one user is mentioned then you'll find a combo box with the people mentioned, and you should select which person you want to apply the action to. I don't know what the autocomplete users button does because I've never used it. Next press of the tab key takes you to a list of actions you can apply, which are follow, unfolow, mute (their tweets do not show up in your timeline but you are still following them), block, unblock, and report as spam .. you navigate through those options using the cursor arrows, down or right take you down the list, and up or left take you back up the list. Tab to the OK button and you've applied the action to that account, i.e. you've followed them if that was the action you chose :)


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