Re: Braillesense plus with NVDA

Abbie Taylor

Have you updated to the latest and greatest creator's spring edition? I have, and I'm noticing a similar issue with my BrailleNote Touch. I learned from Humanware that the current version of NVDA does not support the BrailleNote Touch, and I'll have to wait until June when NVDA Version 2018.2 comes out. I'm afraid that might be the case with you as well, but for your sake, I hope I'm wrong.

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On May 20, 2018 8:41 AM, David Reynolds <david@...> wrote:


Using the latest version of NVDA, I'm trying to use my Braillesense plus
as a Braille display. I did the following:

Connected the Plus using a USB cable to my computer.

Select Braille in the options menu.

Select HIMS in the list of Braille displays.

Selected Automatic from the list of ports

Hit the OK button.

After a considerable pause, an error message is displayed.

What am I getting wrong. I've also tried with Bluetooth with similar

Many thanks for any help/suggestions,


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