Re: open live writer is not accessible yet.


Unfortunately, I don't know of any country where opensource voluntary
efforts are covered by law.

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I'd have said to them, because we are just as much users as everyone else
and we hate discrimination. I do not know what the law says in the country
you or the software writers are in, but a bit of gentle suggestion about the

legality of such things can reap rewards, as long as you are persistent.

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hey guys, this windows desktop client looks like it is gonna be a great
blog editor and overall blogging software. Only problem is, the editor is

not accessible to NVDA and I am assuming JAWS. the menus and options are
accessible, but the editor itself is made out of some kind of HTML frame.

NVDA treats it like a web page rather than a text editor. The
accessibility thread is below but it is basically me trying to get others

to understand how a screen reader works and why they should make open live

writer accessible.

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