Re: Read Feeds add-on

John Isige

Well, I don't use feeds for anything I don't think, but if I did, I
might use it. It would be a quick way to get to feeds. For instance,
suppose I'm reading a couple of news feeds. It would probably be faster
to use the addon and browse headlines and hit just the stuff I care
about, than to open a browser and do it that way. This way I'm only
opening a browser for full articles that I'm interested in reading. It's
just another way for people to get stuff done. I mean, what's special
about the Twitter clients for the blind? We can all just go to Twitter's
website now. But the clients make it easier.

On 5/20/2018 12:23, Lino Morales wrote:

I posed this question on the add-ons list and I’ll ask it here.
Question is what’s so special about the Read Feeds add-oo? Both
Firefox and IE 11 have RSS capabalities. So what say you? wh

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