Re: open live writer is not accessible yet.


Hey there! A tad late coming into the party! BUT I am very familiar with markdown. I usually publish by email, to a blog, or use IFTTT to post my blog via text message or twitter DM, but I like the idea of just firing up one program where all my blog accounts are stored, including, Medium. I saw they were working on adding medium integration, which would allow me to take more journalism jobs because publishers are moving to a subscription model on medium so us writers can get paid. I publish my own member exclusive content to Medium, but I have yet to find an accessible desktop solution that can publish straight to these platforms without me having to sign in every time. Further down the thread, they explain that it can be done, but, with me being a writer, and editor, I didn't quite get what it's coded in, even. NVDA is treating the text editor like it is an HTML web page, rather than a text editor. I tried looking for a LibreOffice to blogger or LibreOffice to medium, or, LibreOffice to, not .org solution, but none exists. I find that for me, writing in a web interface is slow and clunky. I will download that text editor and try it out! I have Jarte Pro, portable version, but, strangely enough, Jarte treats markdown like it's a typo.

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