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Judging from what I have heard recently, third party client developers having to pay exorbitant fees to use the new Twitter API is only part of the story.
I gather that third party Twitter clients should still work after 16 August, but, as the new Twitter API replaces the streaming API we've had for some years now, not having the new API in third party clients means that they will no longer be able to stream tweets: in npractice, this simply means that users will have to wait longer for tweets to come in, which was the case when I joined Twitter in 2009 anyway, so it's not a big deal-breaker for me.
As for Twitter with NVDA, to get back to the subject of this list, I do not know, as a Windows 7 user, whether the Windows 10 Twitter UWP app works well with NVDA, but NVDA users should still be able to use the currently accessible third party Twitter clients after 16 August, but without streaming of tweets, if I understand right. So there may not be a monopoly on Twitter after all.
I hope this reassures anyone on this list who uses third party accessible Twitter clients at least a bit!
Bye for now!
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It affects all third party apps wherever they run.
its the old API which is deprecated.
The new one to do the same sort of thing has to be paid for by the app
makers and twitter have made the cost so high, I suspect only themselves
will be able to use it and hence make sure you get the promoted adverts by
default. its what I always said about the one game in town syndrome. You get
your monopoly then you cut everyone else out and coin in the dosh.
Cynical? me?


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Does this effect android apps as well? So, August it sounds like your
saying it's the win10 app or nothing on that platform or the web site?


On 5/20/18, Lino Morales <linomorales001@...> wrote:
Hi. Just wanted to let you all know if you didn’t know already as of the
middle of August we will no longer have access to the 3rd party apps that
work with Twitter such as TW Blue etc. So if you are on WIN 10 use the
improved Twitter UWP app which is accessible. They are changing their API
for 3rd party access so if you want to complain to Twitter do so in the
appropriate places.

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I use Chicken Nugget on my Windows machine and it works great with NVDA.
Usually the follow/unfollow commands are on the user details or profile
screen, so find that screen in TW Blue and you should be able to find the
buttons for following.

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Subject: [nvda] Using NVDA with a Twitter Account

What is the easiest way to "follow" and "unfollow" sources with NVDA. The
official Twitter web site merely advises to "hover over the person with
mouse", offering no keyboard option. I am using TW Blue and find no
keyboard method of "following" or "unfollowing" a source. Even the
applications key fails to offer such an option.

Rich De Steno

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