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Travis Siegel


twitter is not charging for api usage, as a whole, it's only charging for certain aspects of the api, which will (at most) limit functionality of third party twitter clients, not make them unusable.  According to the site I read, it's mostly related to realtime interactions, and refresh times of tweets, that's all. Your twitter clients aren't going to magically stop working, they just won't update instantly anymore.  Personally, I don't find this to be a problem in the least, but that's just me.

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Whatever you do with third party twitter apps is going to change very soon as Twitter are removing access to the API and charging huge megabucks for the new one. Methinks they want to make sure all their adverts are seen. Cannot think why! grin.
I don't do it myself, but I know several people who think twitter will be useless in August.

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What is the easiest way to "follow" and "unfollow" sources with NVDA. The official Twitter web site merely advises to "hover over the person with your mouse", offering no keyboard option. I am using TW Blue and find no keyboard method of "following" or "unfollowing" a source. Even the applications key fails to offer such an option.

Rich De Steno

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