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To try to wrap up my info on this list,

Here are some links using Orca on YouTube.

The first one is Orca preferences in Sonar, which is a distro of Linux that is customized to work with Orca, and comes up talking.

I think Sonar uses Arch Linux.

This one needs the volume up, as it is hard to hear:

Here’s an article not YouTube, on the accessible Linux distros.

I would put Ubuntu at the top of the list, but it is not at the top of this list.

Since this is a couple of years old, Ubuntu comes with Mate desktop, not Unity as mentioned in this list.

The only thing I don’t like about Vinux and Sonar is that is a bit challenging for a beginner to get Eloquence going on them.

Also, they use older Kernels.



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Here’s a little more, in case others are wondering about getting around in Linux…



I usually set it to laptop mode, and I use the caps-lock with U I O for prior, current, and next line And J K L For words And M comma  and period For letters.

I believe the numberpad works that way too.

Alt F2 is like tapping the windows key in Windows.

Alt + F1 brings up the programs list, there are three columns, system, places, and accessories, which is where you find common programs, like FireFox and eMail programs.

You can use the applications key like you do in Windows too.

Alt + Tab between windows and alt + F4 to close.

Control + alt + D puts you on the desktop.

Just tab around in programs like Windows.

Control + Alt + T

Puts you in the command-line.

Exit gets you out.

You need to type sudo before each command, or to stay in "administrator", type:

Sudo su or sudo -s

Then you will have to exit sudo and exit again to exit terminal.


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I have some info on the Orca screenreader list as well, here’s  links for the list:


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There are many distro’s of Linux that work with Orca the screenreader, so I don’t want to keep this thread going on this list, since it’s off-topic.

But I will mention that I like Ubuntu and that is the most popular distribution in use over all.

I do subscribe to a Ubuntu list, and there is an Orca list as well.

Folks can eMail me off list for help getting started.

And here is some information on the Ubuntu list.

I suspect that if you follow the link to the Ubuntu list and put subscribe in the subject, you might get subscribed.

It is a low-traffic list.

Info below.

Glenn --

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