Re: About Linux


There were people using it as a primary os for development.

Windows sadly is what it is, everything is becoming like a smart device and to be honest who knows in the long run if all oses mirror eachother we should pick up all of them.

Saying that linux, well I fiddled round with it, it was nice.

My plan is to run vmware on my new workstation and use linux and older windows installs.

I do have an old xp box but trouble is if I stop working on it for a while the batteries go flat and my time info is wrong.

When this happens linux will not boot till I reformat and install windows there is probably a way round it to maybe make sure my time and date are set right by a script but I have never investigated.

On 5/23/2018 6:44 AM, Vlad Dragomir wrote:

I also tried to spend a while looking at Linux, and I must admit it was quite disappointing. As a result, I became an even bigger Windows advocate. Some people love itthough, so if any of you feels curious, tryand see how you feel inside that world. Good luck!

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