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I'll tell you how you may try to do this which may help you in this and in other similar situations where messages come up.  also, there may be a short cut command to move to the message, but I don't know it.
It doesn't remember it because you aren't telling it to in the menu or activating the button.  When you hear the message, move to the address bar with control l.  the message is probably somewhere around it.  Try tabbing a few times and see if you find something relevant.  If you don't, return to the address bar again with control l and shift tab a few times to see if you find anything relevant. 
However, before you do any of that at all, I'm not sure having browsers remember passwords is a good idea.  Others with more technical knowledge will, I hope, comment, but I've seen one or more computer advisors recommend against it as a security risk.

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I think it's Firefox. Nowadays, whenever I try to have it remember a particular password, the dialog asking me if I want Firefox to do this keeps coming up, and I keep pressing the button to save the password, and it comes up again. This happens for a while, and then when I just escape out of that dialog, I lose speech altogether and have to re-start Firefox before it will work properly. By the way, it never does remember the password.

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On May 22, 2018 2:24 PM, The Wolf <hank.smith966@...> wrote:
> Hello
> can any one tell me if firefox freezes when you go to add a bookmark?
> when ever I  try to do that I loose speech for about 5 seconds
> am trying to find out if it is me or if it is firefox
> thanks
> Hank
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