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If things like headings and the skip blocks of links command don't work, look through the page.  See what you might want to use the find command for.  Itt's helpful and useful when pages have useable headings but all sorts of people design internet pages.  It is important to know how to use the Internet without relying on the kindness of strangers.  The find command control NVDA key f, is one of the most valuable and undertaught and underused commands for effective navigation.
On a newsletter I receive, there are no headinggs.  But article links and descriptions begin immediately after the word placeholder.
I search for place and I then start tabbing through the article links.  I tab instead of down arrow so I won't see all the explanatary text for articles I'm not interested in.  I intentionally looked for something that was repetitive and reliavle that would be in the same place on the page and would reliably take me to just about where articles begin.  I then used the search command when working with the daily newsletter. 
You may find something near whatever you want to find on this or other pages.  Also, on many web pages such as newspaper pages, a good way to find a section of the paper is to do a search.  Make sure, in this case and in general, that you are at the top of the page.  Then search for something you know is there from previously looking at the page or for something you think is a good guesss if you want to try not looking at the page.  For example, if the page has and editorials link, searching for edito will take you to it.  You may have to repeat the search by using NVDA key f to get to the right place.  Usually, typing four and sometimes the first five letters of what you are searching for will move you the the word reliably.  There is no need to type long phrases when looking for the kinds of things I am describing.
If you watch for patterns, you can save lots of time on some unfamiliar pages by not having to look through them.  Two examples are:
If you are on the home page of a radio station, and all you want to do is listen to the station, most such pages have the word listen in the link.  So, making sure you are at the top of the page, searching and repeating the search, if necessary, will move you to the link.  Most web sites use the word contact in the link for writing to the site.  That's another example.  

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The web page is rubbish, no headings to navigate with.

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I find it difficult move around in a web page and get NVDA to speak
continually on any given item.

The following is the URL

Witch is one of the pages I would like to navigate.

Would it be possible for some kind member to list the short-cut keys
necessary to enable me to do this.



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