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If you, like myself use Windows 7, then espeak is still the default. I think its only a change of preferences at the start if windows 10 is in as the Microsoft voices are supposedly better. I have to say this is debatable depending on what you want to use them for.

I hope that Espeak NG will continue to be built in as for me at least quick and dirty digital voices are much better than nice sounding ones that do not work at speed very well for my ears at any rate.

I would also suggest if its English uk people want then get the add on speech player in Espeak and use it with the old variants as the dodgy for, newsletter and other words have not yet been sorted in the version of ng in nvda it seems. I guess you can download the sapi 5 version of Espeak but I do not like that system as it enables all that is bad about Microsoft's abbreviation expanding system, which to my mind is far too USA centred.

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Subject: [nvda] What will be with Espeak NG?

I have heard, that default synthesizer will be Windows Onecore and not Espeak NG. I have a question.
NVDA team will stop implement new versions of Espeak? Or, why this thing were happened?
Thank You.
Marco Oros

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