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Antony Stone

You do not have to use the command line on Linux unless you want to.

There are many distributions which provide a graphical environment from the
default installation, and although you can open a command shell to type things
if you want to, you can do this in MS Windows too - it doesn't mean that you
have to.

There are Linux distributions with accessible installers providing speech
output, and there is a screenreader (Orca) for working with both Braille and
speech for graphical applications.

You cannot install NVDA or other MS Windows applications under Linux, but you
can't install them under Mac OSX either. That doesn't mean a Mac is worse
than Windows - it just means they're different from each other.

It doesn't mean you can't install Firefox - you just have to install the Linux
or OSX version instead of the Windows version. It does mean you cannot use
NVDA, but you can use another screenreader instead (Orca for Linux, Voiceover
for Mac OSX).

Linux is different. Mac OSX is different. Some people prefer them; it's a
personal choice.

Please don't mislead people by suggesting that they are worse just because you
can't install the same applications as you can on Windows. You might just as
well say that Windows is worse than Linux because it doesn't support all the
Linux applications that are available.


On Wednesday 23 May 2018 at 10:44:01, zahra wrote:

i wished to use linux,
but if it was exactly the same with windows!
i realy hate terminal,
i even cant use cmd on windows and prefer wizard and gui interface
that i can have my selection, rather than memorizing hundreds of
if i could install nvda and other softwares which i use on windows, in
linux, and i could do installation of softwares and other usual tasks
without terminal and command line,
certainly i said goodbye to windows and migrate to linux.
but unfortunately,
i believe that linux is not user friendly and becomes not, at least
for many years!

On 5/23/18, Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...> wrote:
I'm sorry, but if that's the impression you have, you are much mistaken.
This is not only advisable, it can be dangerous. Stop and think about it
for a second. Why would they make an operating system where you had to
type one command before any other command you type? Doesn't make sense,
does it? Also, remember that you are authenticating each time you do
this, even though it may be set up so that you don't need to use your
password each and every time, which ever command you use with sudo gets
elevated to root status. A little reading will tell you all you need to
know. I don't like it when people spread information that could harm
other people's machines or harm them in some way, accidentally is one
thing, but if you just say oh its ok, you're being intentionally
ignorant. Then, what happens if someone inexperienced comes along and
sees this and tries it, maybe nothing, maybe they type sudo rm -rf *
from the root directory, then bye bye machine.
I want to build a machine that will be proud of me.

- Danny Hillis, creator of The Connection Machine

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