Re: How do I run a portable copy of NVDA from a USB flash drive

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That very much depends how you copied it. I think most people prefer not to have nvda in the root of the ram drive. I would also add here that in Windows 10, the usability of a portable version of nvda is much reduced over using it in Windows 7, mainly due to many parts of windows only being given access to for an installed bit of software. Thus you might consider with the permission of the machines owner installing nvda on the machine but not making it auto start, so at least the next time you need to use it it has the best access it can.

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Just insert the USB Flash Drive, determine the drive letter Windows
gives it, press WIN-KEY+R, type DriveLetter:\NVDA and it will launch.

On 5/22/2018 2:57 PM, Don wrote:

I have successfully created a portable copy of NVDA on my flash drive.
How do I run it on another lap top computer?

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