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Agreed. I have finally given up on Google back up and sync. The google drive worked reliably and well, but the new system is quirky crashes on start up and sends emails saying an unknown device been on your account, and then every time you log in the log in screen is inaccessible forcing you in through a browser then it completely loses the log in in the desktop app and so after a bout a week of this stupidity. I deleted it completely and now only have dropbox. The thing is though, I would like a cloud system that could work well on a couple of old xp boxes but seemingly this is now no longer possible.
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Hmmm you should be able to change the password.

To be honest, when ms/ google says you have been hacked, just like windows flagging things, I don't know if it has or not.

I had the same issue with google sync, an update and reload had to be done.

The program crashed in the middle of signup.

Google then said I was hacked and needed to change my password.

It will also do that if you go to another location then signin from your home location, sometimes it puts up a security message sometimes not.

Either you don't get it or respond fast enough and boom.

A friend had this with an ms account.

Her system lost power in the middle of a feature windows update.

Nothing worked, eventually she had to reformat her pc, and windows mobile phone, change her passwords then create another account for it to work.

Some of that was her isp doing strange things but everything got out of sync, and then things got confused.

I had the same situation with a business system I was working on, the encripted drive crashed.

Some backups were made but not everything.

The system was reinstalled on a new box, but again, security was just crazy.

Eventually with some professional recovery technitions the drives were recovered, the accounts were updated, but it envolved a lot of mucking about.

I am more inclined to think if something says your account is hacked that your account is not in fact compromised its just windows or your previder telling you you are doing something outside their strict guidelines.

On 5/23/2018 8:42 AM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
Because my messenger account has been hacked, I'm trying to either delete the account or change the password, but I can't seem to do this on the messenger site so far with NVDA. https://www.messenger.comFor some reason, it's not reading the settings dialog box. I've tried some of the mouse commands but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas?

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