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Bhavya shah

hi Gene,
One of the things I have significantly learnt by reading yours and
others postings, is the underrated 'n' command to skip blocks of
links. It has proved extremely useful on pages where I want to read
some text as opposed to navigation abd browsing and exploration, such
as an article, description or something of that sort, and I
particularly use that on pages with no good headings, sections or
thinkable keystrokes to directly press.
I would strongly recommend others to try and make a conscious use of
this command sometimes, and you will realize its potential and the
power it provides.

On 5/12/16, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't know what you are searching for so I can't comment speciffically.
If you know what you want to find, then of course, the find command is very
useful. If you aren't sure, it may not be, at least looking in that way.
In this case, you may have to use a method I've described to move to the
beginning of articles. Then if you want to move from article to article.
tab through the links.

You will then skip all explanatory text.

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Hi Gene,

Thanks. I will work on this and see how I manage. First attempts are a bit
Am not getting same responses as you suggest.


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Hi William

it does not look as though you have many single letter navigation keys you
can use even in the news letter.

The letter k will take you to any links in the email. Where the links take
you to another web page on the one or 2 I went to you could use the letter H
to jump down by headings, k for links and g for graphics. If you are using a
desktop pc the nvda key and the down arrow key will read out the page for
you. If you are also new to browsing using the alt key + the left arrow key
will take you back a page and the alt and right arrow key will take you
forwards a page.

This is only if you have been to those pages first.

For other webpages you might be able to use the full list from the user
manual this will change from website to website.

The part in the user manual is 6.1. Single Letter Navigation

Gene nz

On 12-May-16 8:18 PM, willmac@... wrote:


I find it difficult move around in a web page and get NVDA to speak
continually on any given item.

The following is the URL

Witch is one of the pages I would like to navigate.

Would it be possible for some kind member to list the short-cut keys
necessary to enable me to do this.



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