Re: Unable to read Field Names in Access 2016

chris miles

On 22/05/2018 01:41, Pranav Lal wrote:


<snip You mentioned not being sure if it was the keyboard, if you run your slideshow, and turn input help on (NVDA+1), then press control+shift+s, it should read

PL] Problem solved. I do not know why this did not work when I last tried it. Your input help trick is cool. I am now able to read my speaker notes in slide show mode which is very nice.



Hi List,

I have recently been using Access 2016 with NVDA and I have had problems.

In table view NVDA cannot read any of the field names when moving from column to column. Also when creating a query, NVDA is unable to report the sort row A for ascending or D for descending, cannot report the criterior row; so unable to create a query without sighted help.

I note that there has not been any work done on NVDA with Access since version 2003 and would like to ask whether or not any update is being considered.

Is there any keystroke in NVDA which would show these missing field names?


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