Re: Web Page navigation


The web page to which the link was provided is unusual in that it is, for all intents and purposes, a page entirely of links to various articles in the newsletter.  The easiest way to see what those are is to to an NDVA+F7 to get an elements list and then go through link by link to listen for the article, or articles, you may wish to read and then activate same.   Virtually every article title link is also followed by a "Read more" link, which simply takes you to the same spot as the main link itself, and there are some really weird link titles that are related to advertising on the page.  Once you've reached the "Front Page" link you know the list of article links is done.  There are no headings or landmarks on this page.

If you select a given article the easiest way to get to the article text itself once the page is loaded is to bring up the elements list again, use headings elements instead of links, and hunt for the title text of the article on that page then activate that.  This lets you skip past all the navigation links and the like.


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