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Its never worked on windows 7 for me even though I do have the setting shared with secure and log in screens on.
its not a real issue as most of the time uac is off, but can be at times when windows decides it wants to put it on without telling me!
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I don't exactly know when this started happening, but I've noticed that when
the User Account Control window comes up on one of my computers, the name of
the window is spoken, but not the dialog or it's buttons. I know I can press
Alt+Y to accept the dialog, but I'm curious as to why this behavior would be
occurring. I've noticed this with both NVDA and JAWS, whereas on my other
system that's using NVDA exclusively, the dialog works fine. (I'm using
Windows 10 Pro on the system where the dialog isn't reading properly.)
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve the issue?


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