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Hi Darren,

As Chris said, welcome!

Re add-ons, you can find them either from the NVDA addon's screen in the tools menu (from the "Get addons" link) or from the same page which is

I'll leave others to suggest their favourites, but I'll offer that if you are interested in learning more of the ins and outs of the program and what it can do, I'd recommend the official Basic Training for NVDA (caveat, yes, I wrote it) module, which is available in electronic text, audio or hardcopy Braille from:

Welcome again, and do feel free to ask any other questions you come up with!

Kind regards


On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 6:54 PM, Darren Harris via Groups.Io <darren_g_harris@...> wrote:

Hi there,


I’m a new nvda user. I’m liking it so far I’m really impressed with it.


I’m just wondering about any good addons that might be useful. What do people favour using? I use programmes like iTunes and winamp and skype. I haven’t yet downloaded skype onto my new machine as I’m told it’s not that accessible. Would like more information on this.

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