You can see all officially approved NVDA add ons on this page:
You may find and use unapproved add ons but they may not work properly or they may be malicious.  Those that are officially approved are reviewed by members of the NVDA community and are known to be safe and are expected to work properly. 
The page I sent a link for has a search field and, below the introductory text, are links to all officially approved add ons.  If you follow a link, you will get more information about the add on and a download link. 
there is a Winamp add on, but you may or not care about the extra functionality it provides.  I mentioned that one because you mentioned Winamp.  You may find add ons for other programs you mentioned, I never checked. 
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Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 3:54 AM
Subject: [nvda] HELLO THERE

Hi there,


I’m a new nvda user. I’m liking it so far I’m really impressed with it.


I’m just wondering about any good addons that might be useful. What do people favour using? I use programmes like iTunes and winamp and skype. I haven’t yet downloaded skype onto my new machine as I’m told it’s not that accessible. Would like more information on this.

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