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Please stop telling people what messages are appropriate.  the list allows a certain amount of off topic traffic and has since I've been a member for years.  List owners and moderators on lists in general don't want members who aren't moderators, sending moderation messages to the list.  It isn't specific to this list, but a general expectation.  If you want to suggest that the person might get better answers on another list, that's one thing.  But discussing appropriateness of messages and saying that the list is about NVDA is moderating. 
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Hi, Anthony,

This question would be more appropriate for a list like the windows 10 list. This list is for NVDA.


On 5/24/2018 7:12 AM, anthony borg wrote:
> Hi folks
> Can somebody please explain to me how to transfer an mp3 from a laptop to a
> mobile phone via bluetooth?
> Thanks in advance
> Anthony

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