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Since I don't use Facebook, I can't comment on the page and the efficiency of using the k command.  I said I thought there would be a more efficient method but I may be wrong.  But aside from that, it's worth pointing out that when searching, you don't have to type unwieldy strings.  Usually, typing four letters of a word that you are not likely to find often on the web page is sufficient.  At times, typing five lettters is needed to avoid too many results.  In this case, it's very unlikely that either good or morning would appear on the page before that text.  So typing either good or morn should be sufficient.
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            We've been round this before, and I am 100% with you on teaching the search command.  The fact remains that I can actually see this web page and how strangely its laid out.  The only good text marker before the article links is "Good Morning."  Having to hit NVDA Key+CTRL+F and typing that in is, to me, far more work intensive than bringing up the elements list, which happens to have only 2 links on the list above the first article link.

            There are times when there is data available that makes a specific course of action, in my opinion, preferable to using general techniques.  This is one of those times.

            I am not always in instructor mode and am sometimes in "get the information as quickly as possible" mode.  It's clear that the general format of this webpage will remain static, and I picked what I believe to be the quickest way to access it on a daily basis.  This appears to be something the original poster wants to be able to access routinely, and I responded according to the stated need.


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