Pleasant Surprise (Google-news page+NVDA+Firefox+Win7)

Laurie Mehta

Hi all,

I enjoy reading news via Google's news page news dot google dot com.
But for a while now that page had been changed to appear less accessibly in Firefox. I shared my feedback with Google and they promised an update was coming. Well it apparently has!

I have Windows 7 on this laptop and Firefox 59.02, and am using NVDA 18.1.

The page that loaded when I typed is laid out very nicely with headings marking all section titles and links placed on each story and news source listed under each heading. The placement of a link saying more (with section title following) might be better placed under the list of news stories (in my opinion) but it is also fine as it is.
I wanted to share with you NVDA users in case you, like me, had switched to Chrome for viewing the news page back when the less accessible news page launched. It's nice to know that we can use either Firefox or Chrome for Google's news page, and that Google fixed the problem.

Here is the url copied from my viewing, since others' preferences might display something else:


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