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I thought the person was discussing another site.  I was wrong.  I'd have to see his message again to see what was said.  There are references to Facebook and Twitter on the page and I think he was discussing those, not saying that they are not present. 
I don't know how you are looking at the page.  In NVDA, and I assume other screen-readers there are six links before material of interest begins.  It is more efficient to simply use the skip links command twice from the top of the page then to use k or tab to move to the first article of interest.  And experimenting with the skip blocks of links commands on different pages and comparing what it does to the headings commands shows that the skip blocks of links command may be a more efficient way to look for something than moving by headings on a number of pages. 
If you want to move through links once you are on the first item of interest, tab and k work well.  On some sites with other structures interspersed among links, k might be desired and on other sites, like this one, it doesn't matter because the page is just links and text between many of the links. 

Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Web Page navigation


          This has nothing at all to do with Facebook.  Another poster mentioned that if you use the 'K' key to jump from link to link on a page you're likely to hear things such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In this particular case, even those "regulars" are not present.

           The link that was already pasted is:

           Since you now know that "Good Morning" is a text landmark it's not fair to try to use that as the "let me explore this page with nothing known" technique.  Try to do so and see how unlikely it is to find useful content via search unless you know the actual nature of the day's articles in this newsletter webpage.


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