Re: Question: NVDA Starts Differently with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Sarah k Alawami

I disabled my lock screen, so I'm not having those issues, In fact I don't notice the ease of access thing coming up at all. And I do have the latest major update thingy.

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Also people are reporting that as standard windows 10 now has sound in safe mode so one might also suspect this will mean sound drivers load earlier than they used to.

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First, did you copy your saved settings to the log-on screen?

Second, it sounds as if the ease of access menu may have gotten triggered.
Have you tried to do an alt+tab to see if that is running? Have you gone
into the access settings to see if anything is set to start at log-on?


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I have just rejoined this list and my guess is that this question may have
already been discussed.

After updating to the April 2018 Windows 10 update I noticed two things.

1. NVDA seems to fully start with my default synthesizer of Acapela, even
on the login screen prior to the desktop being loaded. In the past, it
would default to Espeak and would then restart after entering my Pin. I am
assuming this is a deliberate change? Is this the case for other screen
readers, as well?

2. Before I press ctrl-alt-del to enter my pin at startup I am now hearing
information about various, pre-installed accessibility tools, such as a
description of Narrator, Magnifier, etc. How is this screen triggered and
is there a way to suppress it?
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