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You said you had to reboot a number of times yesterday.  Why?  Did you have freezes?  If you suddenly lose Windows sounds, and everything else works properly, you can look in the volume control settings to see what the volume level is for those sounds and, if there is a mute check box, that it is unchecked.  But this may be a problem, if you had an improper shutdown, caused by something else like a registry proboem.  You may want to check the volume control settings first.  If they are correct, if you have a system restore point or a you run a registry backup program, running a backup or a system restore point from before the problem may well be the easiest solution.  if you don't have something like this available, you should.  It's very important.  You never know when it may save you a lot of work and annoyance.
Regarding volume control settings, the easiest thing to do is probably to hold the Windows key, type r then release both keys.  Type sndvol in the run dialog, and press enter.  When the volume control opens, tab around and see what you see for Windows sounds.

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The only question I can answer is windows 7! am guessing with those questions it's not nvda that had the sounds but my computer? if that's the case I'll ask my computer guy about it!
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What generation of Windows are you using.  It may be slightly different on Windows 7 than Windows 10, for instance.

Also, what is the make/model of your computer and did it come with function keys that were mapped to doing things like muting, increasing/decreasing volume, increasing/decreasing screen brightness, etc.  You may be able to exploit those, but you'd have to know which are which for your specific make/model.


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