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Yeah,  you need to plug in the exact pair of usb headphones in, then you need to set your speakers as default in sound settings then it works.

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Have you had any usb headphones plugged in lately?
I notice on some 7 machines the poor thing can get really confused sometimes, depending on the hardware its using.
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NVDA is speaking fine now yesterday it kept double talking so shut it down for a couple hours since a reboot did no good but sounds lost are the ping it makes when am at the top or bottom of a document as well as the sound it makes if  try to do something it doesn't want me to do!

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 Is there any sounds at all on the computer? or are you getting Window sounds but not having nvda speaking?

 Gene nz

 On 5/26/2018 6:00 AM, Danni wrote:

   I had to reboot several times yesterday because NVDA was not reading documents and realized this morning that I lost my sounds where do I find them to turn them back  on?

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