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Depends on the site.
I find for example the edit areas in my desktop alexa app are like this in any firefox derived browser.

Not really understanding how this works, that is all I can say. However if you turn off google instant there is no issue there or filling out most web forms in any firefox version but as I say, some are exceptions and I suspect this is a scripting issue on the site that somehow impacts ff particularly.
However if all web forms and fields are like this, then no, its not that bad for me.
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I really don’t know if its an NVDA or an FF issue or not, but I’ve been having a really bad problem when I write any edit fields. I’m running FF 60.01. NVDA reads what I type in very slowly. I don’t have this problem in MS Edge. I’ve even uninstalled FF from scratch and deleting my app data for Firefox. Anybody experiencing this? Thanks..

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