Ccleaner and its new privacy settings

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I notice that the latest version has a setting that has a button to share data. One assumes they have been collecting data for ages and now at last you can stop it, but I'm still not clear what else they may be doing, its all a bit vague.
Also has anyone else had issues downloading it, indeed anything from filehippo, which they seem to be using for the free versions?
I had to hit retry several times to get it to download. It got part way then said source file could not be read, and both firefox/waterfox, and Ie have exactly the same issue on many downloads on the site for some days now whereas just downloaded the latest Jarte and some other things like 7zip from their sites with no issues at all. Looks like filehippo have issues with timeouts or something like that.
Also when attempting to get a portable version I seem to get stuck with the address in the address bar and no page data.
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