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There's a section in the user guide on using the mouse:

Some of the key ones in terms of your question:

NVDA+M toggles mouse tracking - whether NVDA automatically reads the item under the mouse or not.

This will just read the item under the mouse which may or may not be the same as "reading from the current point onward" depending on exactly where you are.  EG On web pages it will read the current element only.

NVDA+NUMPAD MULTIPLY sets the navigator object (the review cursor) to the object at the position of the mouse.

You may then also need to press NVDA+shift+numpadminus (laptop: NVDA+shift+backspace to move the focus to the current review object if you want to be able to press say NVDA+down arrow to read from the current point.

In some cases, pressing num pad divide (laptop: NVDA+[) may get you where you want - that's the keystroke to click the left mouse button, however that will click on whatever the mouse is over so it may activate a link or press a button.  Useful if that's what you wanted, but not necessarily if you just wanted to move to that object to read what was there or around there.

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On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 11:30 PM, willmac@... <willmac@...> wrote:
Is there some simple NVDA key short cut which will have NVDA speak from where the cursor or mouse pointer is located?

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