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slery <slerythema@...>

Nope, still no joy.


The context menu I get when typing in cortana/search and then focusing on the windows app that I want, the context menu brings up: pin to start, pin to taskbar, app settings, rate and review, share, and uninstall.


If I do a search for NVDA and follow those same instructions I do in fact get the option to open the folder. Therefore, I am going to assume it is something specific to windows app that come from the windows store.


Any more suggestions would be appreciated.





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I am trying to get clear about what's being asked here.

If it's how to get the path to a file you can do a Cortana/Windows search for the file, then when it shows up in the results and you have focus on it hit the menu/applications key or SHIFT+F10 and select "Open File location" from the pop up menu. You'll open file explorer for the folder in which that file is located, with focus on that file, and can get the full path, including the file name, using the Copy Path button in the Home tab [or just hit ALT+H,CP]. You can then paste this where you need it. One word of warning, though, it encloses the entire path in quotation marks, an example of which is:


You may need to remove those.

If you're trying to find task scheduler using Quentin's windows search method is the fastest way directly to it.


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