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Perhaps you made the comments you did about list clutter because you think I am not well aware of previous posts because of how I read mail.  That is not true.  I did misinterpret what the message that mentioned Facebook said but that was a misinterpretation.  On the second point that may have prompted your general comments about list clutter and repetition, This has nothing to do with me not being aware of previous messages.  My results are completely different from yours.  How I read mail isn't the problem.  I see the page exactly as I see any standard web page except, of course, that no headings or controls are present.  The only things on the page are links and text.  All the links on the page show up in the links list, and using the skip links command twice skips me to just above the main content links on the page.  Whether using k or tabbing, I see the same links in the same order and in the links list as well.  Thus we have been discussing completely different renderings of the page for some reason.  And that may be the reason we are disagreeing about the most efficient way to navigate the page. 
I'm not sure what produces such different renderings.  I'd have to experiment with different browsers and settings to see if they may play any part in the differences.

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First, what follows here first is a general observation, but one triggered by this very thread.  It is unbelievably frustrating, and probably from both sides, when one person participates virtually entirely by e-mail while another virtually entirely by the web interface to  Using the web interface allows you to see the entire thread on a single page and to go back and forth between original material and what you're posting.  That's how I can tell you definitively, and will repost the original message below, that Facebook is and was not in any way involved other than by being mentioned by a later poster.  It's also interesting how many, and you are not one of those, who either subscribe by individual message or digest are not reading what has already been posted before posting themselves in many cases.  Getting the same answer(s) hours, not minutes, apart clearly indicates that the posters of the repeat material have not bothered to take note that what they've offered has already been offered, and often more than once.  This makes for a really crappy online archive and a great deal more difficulty in searching the online archive and getting a more focused pool of results.

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I find it difficult move around in a web page and get NVDA to speak continually on any given item.
Witch is one of the pages I would like to navigate.
Would it be possible for some kind member to list the short-cut keys necessary to enable me to do this.



I have gone to said webpage and perused it via NVDA.  When it loads, if one hits NVDA Key+F7 there are only two links, "Report it" and "View Online" that appear in the elements list of links for this page (using Chrome or Firefox).  When I tried using K at one point the navigation bar links came into play before the articles.

In any case, this is the last comment I'll make on this particular thread on this particular webpage.  There is no one right way to approach this.  Using the NVDA search command is fine as is using the NVDA Elements list. Knowing how to come at things from multiple angles is never a bad thing.  Knowing that once you're on the actual article page that the Elements List with "Headers" selected can save you a bunch of jumping is a big time saver.


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