Re: Does this page sound weird to anybody else?



            I can see what's going on and will try to explain why this weirdness is occurring, some of which is pure speculation.

            This webpage is not a "straight" webpage.  It opens with the title (which is also a link):               What follows and that starts being read is an embedded object, a Scribd reading pane for a 5 page document.  The "problem areas" are graphics that either do not have any useful alternate text or that gets screwed up somehow when uploaded to Scribd.  In addition this seems to be causing the straight text afterward to be corrupted somehow, as NVDA is not reading item #5 correctly, which is immediately after a large graphic, while the earlier text read perfectly well except for the end of step four, which is Add Parent slash Guardian slash Other link, but with all three of the options run together and the actual slash character between each. The content looks for all the world like it's an MS-Word file.

              Showing the Scribd full screen changes nothing.  There is a download link, but you have to be a Scribd member or to log in for 24 hour access with Google, Facebook, or your e-mail.

               I'm presuming you're a parent of a student at Saint Leo University.   I'd definitely complain to them about this web page and explain to them that it's not functionally accessible.  Were there a hidden link that would allow you to download the content without the Scribd interference it would most likely read correctly in either MS-Word if it is a Word document or, perhaps, Adobe Reader (or the PDF reader of your choice).

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