an add-on for visual studio is under development testing and feedback

mohammad suliman

hello all,
I am currently developing an add-on for visual studio to resolve accessibility issues in some parts of the IDE's UI.
for all who might be interested, I want to know which parts of the UI do you find problematic and need further enhancements?? especially, if someone has used VS with jaws and he/she knows in which areas NVDA needs enhancements it will be great to hear from him /her.
here is the link for the git repo of the add-on
you can find info there of what I have done so far.
i fixed the problem of NVDA not reading the content of the debug windows. and made some improvements to intelliSinse. more info on the github page.
to test the add-on, you can clone the repo and build the add-on if you are familiar with add-on development. if not you can get only the file addon/appModules/ and put it in side your app module of NVDA user directory. if you need more info, just let me know.
I also can put the file on dropbox and share a link to it if that helps.
your feedback and help is so appreciated.
a question for code reviewers on the NVDA add-ons list, do you think that it is a good time to review the add-on now? if you think so, please feel free to do that.
I of course will be delighted to hear your tips, but I don't want you to do the review several times. the code still in the alpha cycle.

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