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Christo de Klerk

I have Abbyy FineReader and I think it would be perfect for Vlad's purposes if he feels he can afford it. I think its quality is of the very best and it converts image PDFs flawlessly. I often use it for that purpose.

Kind regards


On 2018/05/27 19:48, JM Casey wrote:
Abbyy Finereader is not too expensive (around $200 uS as I recall for home users) and will do this. I'm probably going to buy it soon, myself. All reports I have had suggest it is fairly accessible, with some caveats that can be worked around.

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Many thanks, I do appreciate your answer. Unfortunately, this won't work in my case, since the site only accepts files that do not exceed 64 MB.
But I do want to thank you for taking the time to get back to me.



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