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The problem with all of these and of course the win10 and the add on for nvda is that its extremely time consuming. It would be really neet if you could just present something with a series of pdfs or one big one and come back leater to a workable file of text, even if the graphics and diagrams were missed out.
Not seen this on anything thus far, yet one might suppose those using pdf files might like to have this as a built in process. maybe it is in some pro version of the Adobe Suite, don't know. Certainly fine reader is used a lot by other ocr programs., Muy one issue for English is that i and l can get muddled.
I have a friend called Della, it always makes her Delia, and a nearby place called New malden is New Maiden. Which though can be funny is also a bit irritating!

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Abbyy Finereader is not too expensive (around $200 uS as I recall for home users) and will do this. I'm probably going to buy it soon, myself. All reports I have had suggest it is fairly accessible, with some caveats that can be worked around.

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Many thanks, I do appreciate your answer. Unfortunately, this won't work in my case, since the site only accepts files that do not exceed 64 MB.
But I do want to thank you for taking the time to get back to me.



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