You are invited: NVDACon 2018 - Future-Proofing NVDA, June 1-3, 2018


Dear NVDA community,


Please pass on the following invitation to many people as possible:


Dear NVDA users, developers, sponsors and others,


The NVDA community and NV Access would like to invite you to join us at NVDACon 2018: Future-Proofing NVD8, to be held on June 1-3, 2018 at NVDACon TeamTalk Server.


NVDACon (NVDA Users and Developers Conference) is an annual gathering of the NVDA community to discuss all things NonVisual Desktop Access, a free, open-source, community-driven screen reader for Microsoft Windows. Started in 2014, NVDACon has attracted participants from all over the world, as well as being a venue for reviewing NVDA’s progress, current features, and planning its future. Topics discussed at past conferences include using Google products, add-ons festival, Windows 10 support, DictationBridge, how community members can help develop NVDA without coding it and so on.


This year’s NVDACon theme is “Future-Proofing NVDA”. Today’s NVDA was possible thanks to investments in future-proofing the screen reader in the past. Today, with more people realizing how important accessibility is, and with fast pace of technical innovations, it is important that NVDA, too, react to changes in technology and mindset of users who expect the screen reader to become more integral in their lives in the future. At NVDACon 2018, several sessions, including talks by noted NVDA experts and a keynote by NV Access, will feature what the community is doing to future-proof NVDA, as well as what people inside and outside the community can do to help make technology equally accessible to more people.


For more information about NVDACon, including steps on how to join us, visit g. We the NVDA co9mmunity look forward to seeing you at NVDACon 2018!




The NVDACon 2018 Organizers






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