Re: Hello

Brandon Cross <bcross3286@...>

I'd say for just starting out, learn the commands you need for every day use, then transition to new things as and when you need them, or if you are curious, sooner. Becoming familiar with the review cursor and object nav in NVDA are good skills to have, because they can help you gain some extra usability out of apps that aren't the best accessibility wise, and, even the ones that are, you will find that not everything is in the tab index, and things will be hidden from screen readers that are perfectly visible to sighted users. An example of which is the save dialog in reaper, not the render one, but to save a project, that dialog has a bunch of options you never see unless you use object navigation, and some of them are quite useful, such as copying new media into the project folder, what options to use to convert media, such as format / encoding, etc. Screen review is good for trying to figure out what's going on with an app, say, if its not showing anything at all to the screen reader. You switch to the screen review mode, then use the review keys to see if you can get anything. Sometimes you will, sometimes not.

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