Re: accessible DVD burning software with NVDA


Well, whether MP4 can be played in a typical DVD player depends on whether the DVD player supports playing MP4 format, most modern ones do.

Just went through the steps to create a DVD of MP4 files in Anyburn 4.1, 64-bit, and here they are:

1. Open Anyburn. 
2. Navigate to Burn or append files/folders to a disc button and activate.
3. In dialog that opens, navigate to Add button then use the standard Windows dialog to navigate to the folder you wish to select the file (or files, if multi-selecting) from, then select it/them.  Lather, rinse, repeat as many times as necessary to get to all the folders and files you wish to have burned to the DVD.
4. Activate "Next" button after you've collected all of the MP4 files (or any other files your player is capable of playing) you wish to have on the DVD.
5. Activate the "Burn Now" button.  You must, of course, have a blank burnable DVD in your drive before hitting this button.
6. Unless you've unchecked the default setting, disc after burning," you will hear the disk eject when it is complete (or if the burn fails in some way, I believe)


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